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By participating in the event, you acknowledge and accept the inherent variability in event photography and understand that the photographer will make every reasonable effort to capture memorable moments during the routine.   It is important to read and understand the following:

Supply of Media: Professional event media is supplied FREE of charge by AASCF to all competitors.  You are still permitted to photograph your own child or team if you follow the AASCF photographic policy and guidelines.

Non-Monetary Claims: As the media is supplied free of charge, no monetary claims can be made for the provision of event images. Every effort will be made to photograph all participants but there is no guarantee that every individual will be captured. We encourage family members to take their own photos during the routine to supplement any professional event photography.

No Guarantee of Quantity: There are NO fixed or guaranteed number of images taken per routine, as these may vary significantly based on routine choreography, number of athletes and the photographer’s position to the performance. One primary photographer per floor will used to take photos, but the use of additional photographers at times remains at COMM23’s discretion

Variable Image Types: Photographers utilize burst mode or continuous shooting to capture rapid sequences of movements, especially during high-energy performances. This may result in the occasional blurry image or a row of similar images of a particular move.

Request to remove an image:  Tens of thousands of photos are taken at each event and an initial check is done during the sorting process. However, it is not possible for us to review every image prior to upload as this would take several months, not days before photos were available. Sometimes there may be a blurry or unflattering photo we have missed, but this can be removed quickly by contacting us, via email to with the event name, club name, routine number and image number.

Equipment Failure. There will be times when our equipment will fault or fail which we cannot predict nor prevent.   We have back-up equipment on hand but it still takes several moments to change out and reset.  If this occurs, we advise there is a chance there may be none or a reduced number of photos for that routine.

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