"All-In" Deal - A superior marketing package that adds value and prestige to your event and where everyone wins ..

Get your event filmed for FREE!

Most people will remember and learn more from what they see rather than what they hear or read. This is what makes video such a powerful and effective marketing tool or visual aid for any event producer, business owner or educator.

COMM23 can video your special event, concert, seminar or training session and deliver it as a professionally packaged DVD or in a file format complete with editing and animated segments.  Get the edge over competitors by ensuring your event is remembered and engage your audience further with high impact, visually inspiring animations and music.

Contact us to find out how WE CAN COVER YOUR EVENT FOR FREE ...that's right, no catch and it won't cost you a cent! For example if you want your dance concert filmed and you meet our minimum number of DVDS to be sold then you get our services for FREE as well as receive a copy of your event at no charge.

We are the industry leader when it comes to mass production of digital images or video file discs. This incredible package is exclusive to COMM23 and its concept is based on everyone benefiting by using our services. Not only will it add prestige and value to your event but you'll also GET OUR SERVICES FOR FREE!

It's simple ... we charge a set fee per person based on EVERYONE receiving either video files or DVDS and this charge is built into your participant entry or package deal.  For example if you have 250 participants or clients then the charge is calculated on 250. We negotiate a price with you based on entry numbers known prior to your event or actual figures given from a previous event you have held. 

No matter what you have in mind COMM23 can work with you to produce it - conferences, sporting events, product launches, staff training, seminars, concerts, stage productions, personal profiling and more. Get the creative edge and use video to power up your business and enhance your products.