COMM23 is the industry leader in event media and online delivery of the highest quality.  We cater to all size events from a corporate lecture or local dance concert, to World Class sporting competitions on a scale of 13,000+ athletes.  For over 15 years we've been offering creative and affordable packages to event producers and have streamlined our service to provide multi-hall coverage and fast post production.

We'll do the work for you so you don't have to do anything!   

Sit back and rest assured we've got your event covered photographically and if you're looking to add more value and prestige to your event, we specialise in videography too.  We've developed a professional and easy to use delivery platform for event media which gives fast and secure access to digital images and video files.  

We're specialists in mass production!   
When it comes to catering to large events and mass coverage you need look no further than COMM23 as we're the specialists in big online media delivery!  At the 2019 AASCF Nationals event, we covered 4 halls simultaneously with photography and video of every routine and then sorted and securely uploaded 2300 video files, over 850,000 digital images for 220 clubs within 9 days after close of competition.

Get the edge ...

So get the edge over competitors by adding value and recognition to your event with photos and video and ensure your event is remembered well into the future. 

Before you plan your next event, contact us now for more information on our amazing package deals.

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