Q. Can't find a video routine in my club folder?

A. For video routines your club may have several pages. You can select the arrow at the bottom right side of the page or select the dots on the left hand side of page. Each page views up to 9 video routines.   

Q. What is my club's Password

A. All passwords are given to the event organiser who then distributes this to the club owner or head coach who will then pass onto athletes and parents. For security reasons we do not give out any passwords.

Q. How do I download my video?

A. To download your video first select the routine by clicking onto it. Once it has opened you will see a black button on the left hand side under the routine name e.g. 50. Comm23 Allstars - Jnr Pom AG. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button. This will be saved onto you videos/ images or photos folder on your phone or similar devices. For computers it will save a copy in the download folder. 

Q. How do I download my photos?

A. You can download your photos by clicking on the desired image. Once you have selected the image you want to download on the top right hand side click the white button that says "DOWNLOAD". This will download to your phones images/ photos folder or the download folder on your computer and device.  

Q. How to download all my photos or folders in one go?
A. You cannot download all your clubs folders at once however, you can download a whole routine at a time. When you open your link to dropbox all your clubs folders for each routine will appear. Select the desired routine you want to download. Once it's open, look on the top right hand side where you will see a white button that says "DOWNLOAD". It will have a drop down menu where you can select to save straight to your own dropbox or as a direct download. The direct download will save a zip file onto your downloads folder on your computer. Double click the zipped file in your downloads folder to view the photos which have now been saved to your computer. 

Q. How long are the photos and videos available?

A. The photos and videos are on the website for a limited time. You can view when they will expire by checking next to the event title on the selected page in the heading. 

Q. I can only see a few photos in my club folder? I have missing photos and video routines from my club folders?

A. Once all the photos from the event have been sorted and the video cut and edited, both the video and photos are placed in a queue to be uploaded. This means we can't change the order to move clubs ,routines forward and to make faster.