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Most people will remember and learn more from what they see rather than what they hear or read. This is what makes video such a powerful and effective marketing tool or visual aid for any event producer, business owner or educator.

COMM23 covers events of all sizes ranging from corporate training sessions, seminars, dance eisteddfods to large multi-hall sporting competitions. 

We produce the media in an easy to use format which can uploaded, embedded or added to existing projects.  We can produce simple live recorded files or complex training visual aides complete with editing and animated segments.  Our professional online delivery platform is secure, professional and simple to use with fast post production.

We offer exclusive event packages to organisers including our COMM23 created "All-In" Deal - a superior marketing package where every participant receives video and digital images from the event. Contact us to find out more about this amazing deal that adds value and recognition to your next competition or project. 

Get the edge over competitors by ensuring your event is remembered and engage your audience further with high impact, visually inspiring animations and music. We can also brand your footage with your own logo, add titles, text, animations and music overlays.

We're specialists in mass production!   
When it comes to catering to large events and mass coverage you need look no further than COMM23 as we're the specialists in big online media delivery!  At the 2018 AASCF Nationals event, we covered 4 halls simultaneously with photography and video of every routine and then sorted and securely uploaded 1883 video files, over 850,000 digital images for over 200 clubs within 9 days after close of competition

No matter what you have in mind COMM23 can work with you to produce it - conferences, sporting events, product launches, staff training, seminars, concerts, stage productions, personal profiling and more. Get the creative edge and use video to power up your business or enhance your special event.

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