We've been doing this for a long time and have created an authentic, professional post production online system to clients that is easy to use, secure and delivered within a realistic time frame. Our average turnaround is 2-4 days after close of concert, where dancers and parents are able to access, view and download their media.

Studio owners receive a unique password which they give to their members who can then view and download their concert video and/or photos in their own time. This means no extra work for you and all event media remains  available for six months online.

Concert Video & Photos


  • We produce the media in an easy to use format so you can view, share, download or embed in existing projects. Ideal for websites and marketing or simply keep as a treasured memory.

  • Download video routines in various formats on multiple devices including full HD 1080p edit ready files.

  • Choose whether you want just video of your concert or our combined service of both videography and photography.  All products delivered in same professional, secure online digital format.

We're moving with the times and have changed how we deliver our concert video to clients.  DVDS are now a product of the past, so we're creating your concert memory with the same easy to use media download system we use for all our events.

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