We love digital images not only because it offers you unlimited print capability but because it's the unrivalled medium for online promotion, social media, advertising and creative design.

At COMM23 we believe in creating event packages that offer exceptional value for a minimal cost.  Digital images are now the primary form of photographic media and we think they should be accessible, high quality and affordable to everyone.  

How would you like to get our professional services for FREE?
"ALL IN PARTICIPANT DEAL" starting from as low as $12 per person 

COMM23 created the original "all in participant deal", an amazing valued packed offer where every participant receives a disc of their club/team/studio digital images for a minimal set charge per person. This price is negotiated upon the number of recipients and can start from as low as $10 per person (price will vary according to number of attendees) 

Our only condition is that every participant at your event or club/studio is calculated into the set price per person without exception. For example if you have 250 people attending, then the price per person is calculated on 250. 

We can cater for an event hosting thousands of athletes or a small studio or business needing team and individual photos. Over the years we have streamlined our system so you get a quality service, incredible value for money and fast product turnaround. 

All images remain the copyright of COMM23 Living Images and DVDs and are not for resale.