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Family Discount


​Make money on your team/club/studio photos!

Absolutely no catch, you will get our professional services for free as well as make money and receive a full set of your club or studio's digital images you can use for advertising, websites and social media. This fantastic offer is exclusive to COMM23 because we want you to benefit from using our services. BONUS!  Receive your group photos both as the original image and also finished with a border, team name and any logos (additional charges apply for inclusion of individual names). 

We charge a set fee per person calculated on every participant receiving a disc of digital images of their team photos as well as two individual photos each. You keep a nominated portion of this charge based on the number of people attending. Contact us and we'll send you details of our Rates and Pay Back Table.

Because digital images can be shared so easily, our only condition is that each person attending is charged this fee with no exception. Every participant receives a disc containing all their club or studio's images or we can separate into classes (we don't divide lower than class structure).

We give a family discount for two or more children calculated on full price for the first child and half price per person for all other family members. This payment rate is used for the nominated amount paid back to your club or studio.

It's incredible value for money as students receive all their team and/or individual photos as digital images which can be printed, shared and used on social media.